mean body \ i absolutely know i exist / by nichola feldman-kiss

one 3D whole body laser scan — 360 inkjet prints cold mounted to Sintra PVC foam board 14.5 x 8” each, installation variable 95’sq 2001-2005

mean body (as in Standard) is a performance document and database of surface anthropometric data sets (3D body shape scans) that I created while a guest artist with the National Research Council of Canada (2001-2003 and 2004-2006).

Inspired by study of established human body databases such as the Visible Human Project¹ and CAESAR², I embarked on a performative process to establish my own body shape as a baseline for scientific research. This gesture was motivated to critically engage with certain oppressive cultural norms, standard and averages that have prevailed in the colonial west, especially since the birth of anthropology, ethnography and photographic technologies… read more

feldman-kiss works as an artist. They are interested in categorical systems, liminality and the dissonance of inbetweens where meaning is leaky, slippery, defiant, fugitive, violent and erotic too.

normals standards means bodies skins borders boundaries. rules limits margins. edges thresholds and horizons. language Classifications definitions discipline expectation roles. Species tribe caste creed status containers boxes and compartments. viewfinders lenses screens. Nation States island prisons security fences (Human) zoos. Anthropology Ethnography Photography. index and evidence and Museology too.

The things feldman-kiss makes result from focussed looking, chasing references, finding out. Burrowing through the network into curiously real and visceral worlds. Alice fell through the trembling liquid crystal, landed somewhere factual, palpable, sensate. feeling Movie-ish. Big Screen. VR for its strangeness but for that people are flesh, embodied narrative –olfactory on fire. Witness…

feldman-kiss submits to art as life and process to live by, aiming to work intuitively, sensually and from their animality as a conscious migratory creature of our earthly bed. They are conspicuously bodied. Their artworks deploy body as instrument. Fact, agent, material. The body embodiment continuum. They do not create with the topic of bodies as purpose or intention. feldman-kiss’ work is not conceptual in that way. Their artworks are stills for persistent, unsettling and thorney awakenings of life enslaved to their times. Native of nowhere on Colonized land, mammalian. Historic / contemporary. digital. informational, touchless, late-binary. urban, Capitalist, millenarian (end times). They create with whatever surfaces then sticks around to assert itself.

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