Realidad Alternativa/Alternate Reality (Santa Paula, El Cafetal, Caurimare, Caracas) by Camila Salcedo

Alternate Reality (Santa Paula, El Cafetal, Caurimare, Caracas) is a video collage in which I utilize created 3D drawings, and found Google satellite photos, Google user 360º images, and YouTube videos to attempt to recreate the neighbourhoods I grew up around in Caracas. It also reflects on the banning of the Google Street View function in Venezuela, creating a gap in our digital-space –one potential way I would have been able to “travel back”. What do these spaces look like in my current memory and how can I fill in the gaps with the use of found footage? Created partially during my time at Residencia Corazón in La Plata, Argentina in March 2019. The sound design is by Felipe Martin.