calling tidal by Jasmine Liaw

‘calling tidal’ is an installation where participants/viewers may interact with a tank of water. With an animated floor projection, the piece emulates a colourful, cybernetic space where movement becomes communicative through audio-visual responses. The interactive projection changes based on presence and movement, including water movement, sound frequency, or walking. This use of transparent materials represents nature’s vulnerabilities to economic/industrial decisions by humanity. The piece emulates a portal as if the participant emerges into an urgent calling state with the natural world. Its vibrant colours represent the overwhelmingness and blinding intensity of the space that mirrors climate anxiety. Exploring the paralinguistic response, the immersion of the hand in the water triggers a waterproof JSN-SR04T ultrasonic distance sensor with Arduino. When the sensor is triggered due to the close proximity of the participants’ hand, a Cytron mp3 player shield plays the sound of a voicemail filtered glacier crashing into the ocean.

Jasmine Liaw is a queer emerging Chinese-Canadian interdisciplinary artist. Bicoastal, she works in so-called Toronto and Vancouver. Her connective practice focuses on conceptual realms of dance and digital/new media landscapes. Jasmine is compelled to explore her contemporary views of identity and the agency of climate anxiety.

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