Digital Exploration of the Expansion by Kofi Oduro

Digital Exploration of the Expansion is a presentation and performance of a speculative fiction through live coding[1], creative coding, and other mediums that explores how the body can be reimagined. A speculative scientific report [2] made me think of producing a work that challenges the notion of what humanity is based on. What biology, what culture, what geology will occur if we thought differently? Thinking into the digital nature of my work, what if this realm was also controlled by how we used technology and how it uses us. By taking on a digital exploration that expands what is considered “body culture,” maybe we can engage in dialogues that expand past our normal range of ideologies. By adding sound and poetry, we will be adding a multisensory experience that engages the various senses[3], an integral part of our bodies that have to be included in any exploration of the body.

Illestpreacha (Kofi Oduro) is an Experiential Storyteller that transforms sounds, data, words and code into experiences that nurtures discussion, reflection, and interaction. With a decade plus of performance, event & audiovisual production, he takes inspiration from endeavours that are not normally together to create a harmonic experience for audiences.

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