Moving Trailer 2017 – 2019 by Quite Ourselves

Moving Trailer 2017-2019 is a retrospective of three years of the Moving Trailer project. Each year, Moving Trailer took place for a short period of time in a rented truck, which shifted between a state of moving and parked. The pause caused by the global pandemic cut short our already-fleeting public interventions. In this space, we felt an urgency to gather and share our archive. Opening the publication invites you
into scenarios unfolding in different locations in Montreal and Quebec. Always, the interior space of a rented moving truck keeps transforming into something else.

Moving Trailer 2023, CHEUNG LEE GLOBAL (Ahreum Lee & Joni Cheung (Snack Witch)). Photo by Sara Faridamin.

Quite Ourselves is an act of being “quite ourselves,” fostering playful idea sharing and exercises, experimental works and venues, and keeping an open roster for artists who identify with the mandate of the collective. QO was formed under the context of felt issues of minority status, identity, language barriers and experimental art practice which left members feeling marginalized and out of place in their original Montreal art scene. Since QO’s founding in 2017, the group has worked towards highlighting kinship and collaboration through artmaking and exhibition.


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